alwaysbreethe (alwaysbreethe) wrote in sweet_girls,

Feel free to add too c:

1) Name: Brianna or Bree
2) Age: 18
3) Location: Tx
4) Heigh: 5'3
5) Weight: 120 pounds
6) Sex: Girl
7) Sexual orientation: bi, but new to the whole thing. More towards boys in ways.
8) Taken or single: Single
9) Eye color: Brown
10) Hair: Dark Brown, curly
11) Skin color: Tan
12) Heritage: Dad is african american and mom is white
13) School: Finishing up senior year of highschool
14) Label yourself: Artistic, Athletic, somewhat dramatic
15) Do i like myself: Of course. I try to be the best person I can be

add me if you want, or I can give you my e-mail and we can chat.
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