emmabritt (emmabritt) wrote in sweet_girls,

hey girls

My name is Emma. I'm a 19 year old lesbian (in two months that will no longer be accurate) living in Colorado. Red hair, green eyes, 105lbs about...ish. I'm into gardening, hiking, fitness, writing, hookah, wine, and snail mail. I'm looking for somebody who'd like to get letters and respond reliably because I really really love reaching out to strangers and I really really love writing letters.
I'd like to talk to:
younger lesbians who need some mature sound advice (not a drama fest)
Older lesbians who are into giving mature sound advice
Pre-op and post-op F2M's because you are all so full of chivalry it makes my day better
Dog lovers of all orientatations
Lovers of all orientations :)
Send me a message if you think this is you. Thanks! I hope to hear from you.
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