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About yourself: When you came out
When did you first come out?: Freshman year.
Did anyone reject or offend you?: Nikole but that's about it. My sister did after I came out.
Just in case; What's your orientation?: Gay.
Were you confused at first?: Very
Did you want to keep it to yourself or show your pride?: Keep it to myself.
How did your family take it?: Except my sister no one really knows and if they do they haven't said anything. India reacted with confusion because she doesn't get along with women...lol
Have you always been into women?: Yes.
Had you already done something with a girl before you came out?: Yes.
Did you give it much thought and concideration or just go at it?: I told Kathryn I had a crush on Amanda. Amanda found out because of MySpace's "Orientation" tab.
Did people have a clue that you were gay?: Yeah. No one acted surprised anyway.
How did you tell your family?: I haven't. My sister found out because of MySpace. My facebook says I'm interested in women but, again, no one's said anything.
How did you tell you friends?: MySpace. Nikole found out because she read my notebook. ...Other than that I'm pretty much just obvious
How did you feel the next weeks after you came out?: Nervous.
Wait.. Are you out at all? If not I'm sorry if this bored you. :): Yes
About Yourself: Your Gay Lifestyle
Do you go to gay clubs?: There are none except Boise.
Other gay events?: I've been to the pride parade and I'm going again this year if I can find someone to take me
Are you/have you ever been in a relationship?: No.
Even if youre in one or not - Do you want to be?: Yes.
Are you into stereotypes? If yes, What kind are you?: No.
Is this starting to sound like a dating service?: Yes.
Do you believe in love?: Yes.
Would you be with only one person or play with many?: Only with one.
Are you interested in gay art?: Nah.
Stupid and stereotypical questions;
Can people see that you're gay?: Probably. I flirt a little.
Do you watch or join the gay parades?: Watched and possible joining if I can this year.
Do you concider yourself gay?: yes.
Is this starting to sound like a dating service?: eh.
About You: In General/Random Things (Alot of "whats and hows"
What kind of style is your hair?: Cut to my shoulders and dyed black.
What music do you listen to?: techno, metal, random.
What kind of clothing do you wear?: jeans and t-shirts
What kind of movies do you prefer to watch?: horror
How would you like your perfect day to be?: hanging out with friends
What is your favorite meal?: chinese food
Favorite time of the week?: weekends
Are you a romantic?: off and on. not really but I can be.
Would you call yourself exciting?: no but I want to be. lol
Would you call yourself interesting?: yes
What's your most listened to song on iTunes?: I don't have itunes at the moment.
Are you a complete dirtbag?: i don't think so...?
Do you have a myspace?: yes
God this does sound like a dating service. Online.
Stupid & Random Questions
Have you ever heard of Norway? Yes i'm bringing in my country. It's random: No
Do you know more then 5 numbers without your contact list?: no
Don't you just hate these random questions?: no
Can you sing?: yes
Would you sing or lipsync infront of a huge crowd?: sing yes.
Would you take a buss across country with just an iPod and food?: lol No.
Would yout ake a buss across country with just the one you love?: Sure.
If you could add three more things to the last question, what would it be?: I don't freaking care.
What's the time?: 11:59 pm.
Can you dance?: No.
Do you wear perfume or any other 'scent'?: Vanilla body spray
What are you listening to?: an interview with James Frey.
Are you bored yet?: Yes.
Who's your bestfriend?: Kathryn.
About Women: What Do You Prefer
What kind of bodytype?: Average-a little over. ^^
Would she find playing games fun?: Maybe but not obsessively.
Does she love music?: Yes.
Would she have alot of money?: Not alot but not dirt broke...?
Does she watch Family Guy?: Yes
Does she love you?: Yes
Does she easily cry?: No
Is she romantic?: Yes but not overly so
What kind of lips?: normal...?
What kind of eyes?: Green or blue.
Is she bad or innocent?: Bad.
What kind of personality?: Outgoing funny interesting weird.
Would she be turned on by the sex scenes in The L Word?: No.
What kind of clothing style?: Clean, casual.
Would you want her to be just like you?: No.
Would you be OK with it if she wasn't out?: Yes.
Does she work out?: Maybe but not obsessively.
Would she stay in or go out every weekend?: Go out.
Would she be addicted to you?: no. That would be creepy.
Would she be independent?: yes
Would you take her out?: yes if I had a job ;.;
Honest or polite?: Both.
Sexy or cute?: Both! More cute though
Does she love your voice?: Yes
Does she: BLANK
Does she have any special talents?: Yes.
Would you be OK with her cheating on you once?: Yes.
Would she answer this survey?: Yes.
What do you think about this survey? Too long? Too boring?: A little dull.
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