Mae (skinnygrrl) wrote in sweet_girls,

Hi c:

1) Name: Danielle  c: 
2) Age: 17
3) Location: IN
4) Birthday: May 1st, and you better say happy birthday to me or else ;P
5) Height: 5'2" , short, cute, and lap-sized
6) Weight: 101
7) Sex: Female
8) Sexual Orientation: Lesbian, non negotiable. no take backs. x.x
9) Single or Taken: It's complicated
10) Eye Color: Blue
11) Hair Color: Blonde
12) Skin Color: White, pale, tan-less, vampire-esque any other synonym may do.
13) Heritage: Norwegian & Chinese & American (of course) 
14) School/College: High school senior
16) Label Yourself: Shy and quiet with the ninja-like potential to kick some ass
17) Nicknames: Mae
18) Do you like yourself?: Damn these self esteem questions from Hell D<
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